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The first demo is a compilation of  product and service commercials, recorded and directed by Don Martin of Evolution Audio.

The General voice reel includes commercial and audio-book samples.


Ike Sherr Demo -
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General Voice Reel -
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About me

About Me

The World’s a Stage

Welcome to my online portfolio!


I am 22 years old, born and raised in England. I lived in Tanzania, Africa for six years and am currently living in the Galilee, Israel. My mother tongue is British English and I am proficient in many other English accents. 

I am just setting out on my professional journey, and I would love to give my best making whatever project you may have a success. I love everything about acting, and have dedicated the last few years to the study and practice of voice acting. Here you’ll find some examples of my work.

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"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be"



For the past two years, I have been studying voice acting professionally with my mentor Paul Meier. We have worked on accents, commercials, audio-books, and acting. In July 2016, I participated in two courses at the London Royal Central School of Speech and Drama – one in Shakespeare, and one in on camera acting. My commercial demo reel was recorded in September 2017.


Accents I am proficient in

  • British Isles: RP, Cockney, Yorkshire, South Hampshire, Liverpool, Original Pronunciation (Shakespeare), Scottish, Welsh, Irish & Northern Irish

  • Europe: Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

  • U.S.: Gen. Am., South Boston, New York, Southern, Deep South

  • Rest of the world: General Indian, Jamaican, Australian, Yiddish, Afrikaans


The following list represents my past experience in acting. Each role has contributed something unique to my personal and professional development.

  • Cats - Dancer, May 2010 

  • Oliver Twist - Mr. Brownlow, December 2013

  • Funny Money - Bill, December 2014

  • Sketches - Chopek, Guest, April 2017  

  • Greenwich - Gad, March 2018 (upcoming)


Contact Me

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